Activities and curiosities

Apart from beautiful pathways for bicycles and hikers you can look forward to many historical and natural curiosities which promise experience for the whole family. Local ponds for water revelries, fishermen or golf enthusiasts will be quids in.

Bikepark Hradiště

Two cableways for adrenalin lovers await you in Bikepark not far from Nová Bystřice. Jumps, narrow and technical passageways as well as less challenging descent will satisfy all bikers.

Narrow gauge railway in Jindřichův Hradec

Narrow gauge track belonging to the biggest technological unique objects in Bohemia goes through the so-called Pacific of Czech Canada. It measures 33 kilometres and you can go down from Jindřichův Hradec to Nová Bystřice.
Narrow gauge track

Monument of Jára Cimrman – Kaproun

It is a place of pilgrimage which includes a mound and a fireplace. Every year, local visitors bring stones and pebbles in memory of the “Greatest Bohemia”. The mound is complemented by memorabilia and a print of the master’s back. A green tourist sign will take you to the place.

Golf Resort Nová Bystřice

A resort in a picturesque landscape will satisfy even the most demanding players. It offers two attractive pitches, golf courses, coaching for beginners and advanced. Moreover, its location provides absolute calm for your play.

Zoopark Na Hrádečku – Horní Pěna

Private zoo park with a ten-hectare plot. Here you can find several protected species. Furthermore, the park’s initiative expertly cooperates with zoological gardens and partakes in conservation projects.

Klášter u Nové Bystřice

Klášter village you can find at the foot of Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. The village is famous because of the unique, constructionally precious Holy Trinity Church. Beginnings of its building date back to the 17th century, moreover the construction itself is situated in a pond landscape.
Holy Trinity Church in Klášter
Alpaka Farm

Alpaka Farm

It is a popular stop for animal lovers and families with children. Here you can take a horseback riding course, learn how to care for horses and other farm animals and treat them to the best. Ideal relaxation in connection with nature.

Landštejn castle

Formerly called Lanštýn is a huge torso of the original castle which is situated in 650 meters altitude. The Inner Romanesque core is still in existence with late gothic and renaissance aspects. In the year 1771 succumbed to fire and was left vacated. It is a romantic place at which history will talk to you.
Landštejn castle
Labyrinth in Dolní Pěna

Labyrinth in Dolní Pěna

It is a puzzle in the way of intricately composed and ramifiyng pathways. Monsterinth is among the biggest ones in Europe, you can look forward to more than 3 kilometres of pathways. A great tip for an amusing family afternoon.